Frequently Asked Questions

How will dreamschool improve your high school, community college, four-year college, homeschool group, or nonprofit organization?


dreamschool will increase your students’ access to information about the college application process. We believe that our powerful digital platform that connects students with valuable admissions offers and scholarship information will increase students’ ability to attend college. 

How does dreamschool help achieve educational equity? 

At dreamschool, we seek to close the knowledge gap between low-information and high-information college applicants. By bringing a single college matching software to all high schools, community colleges, and four-year institutions, we are equalizing students’ access to information about the college admissions process.

Are these real applications?

In a word, yes. Our case studies are examples based on real applications that were accepted to the world's top colleges and universities.  Although they are hypothetical, they are heavily based on successful applications that we have seen over and over again in our careers as Ivy League admissions officers and independent counselors. 

We present our cases in pairs which we find an effective method of comparing examples across different majors. 

Does this actually work?


Yes. The case studies method has helped to demystify the college admissions process. By understanding how an admissions officer thinks, our cases help students and parents to learn by example. Seeing how a successful application is put together, audience members can use their critical and creative thinking skills to assemble a better college application. 

What are the cases like?

Students will see successful example applications to their dream school or to several of their top choices.  They'll learn how to write the best possible essay, plan their upcoming school year, summer activities, and more. Students will see exactly how to plan ahead and prepare their strongest college application.  

Is this a new concept?

No.​ Many well-resourced schools have traditionally held in-person case studies for their students, conducted by visiting admissions officers every year. dreamschool seeks to democratize and update this oft-used advising model.

Do your cases focus on different majors?

Yes.  Each pair of cases will have a major or disciplinary focus.  Some are similar, some are different. This allows us to reach and impact the maximum number of students and families. We focus on majors in the liberal arts and sciences, engineering, computer science, pre-med and pre-law.  

What kind of student should do this?

High school students applying to college for the first time, community college students, and college students at 4-year institutions seeking to transfer should use dreamschool to assess their college options. dreamschool caters to students thinking about attending colleges that either use holistic or straightforward admissions review.

Do you market or promote any services or institutions other than your own?


Will doing this increase my chances of getting in?


We believe that our method of learning the admissions process can improve students' chances.  Learning from the success of other applicants can help shape how students present themselves. That said, we make no guarantees.  College admissions is an imperfect science that is ultimately run by human beings who must make decisions based on both your application and certain institutional priorities that can change from year to year.  Remember that your use of this platform means that you accept our terms of use.

Do you share any knowledge about how the COVID-19 pandemic may affect college admissions?

Yes, and we monitor these developments on a daily basis.  Whether it is the emergence of new test optional policies, enrollment deadlines or application requirements, we're on top of it.  This is an excellent reason for you to join us as well, as all members will benefit from our insider's perspective.

How can I use your cases to make my college application look better?

Students can learn everything from the way extracurricular activities are effectively described to how an essay is effectively written.  Case studies will certainly influence a student's application.  However, a student's words and activities must be their own.  Just as you would learn skills and techniques from an influencer and apply it to your own work.  Our terms of service are very clear about the importance of genuine and authentic self-representation.

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