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Clarity. Transparency. Accessibility. Words that have never been associated with the college application process, until now. Until dreamschool.


We have launched dreamschool as entrepreneurs, educators, humanists and friends with an unwavering commitment to make the college application process better for everyone. Our expertise comes from years inside Ivy League admissions committees, making thousands of real admissions decisions before personally guiding thousands of high schoolers toward the best possible educational outcomes. We are trusted the world over, but this fact alone is not enough in the face of greater urgency in today's world.


Now more than ever, students and families are questioning the emotional and financial costs of navigating highly selective college admissions. Constantly searching for the right strategy and fearful of negative outcomes, or simply not knowing how or where to begin, many come to realize that a true roadmap is nowhere to be found. Our institutions are rapidly changing, and the best advise is increasingly difficult to find as resources in schools and communities will continue to be reserved for a privileged few. Our accessible digital platform for world-class advising is meant to reverse declines in best practices, bringing our expertise into homes and schools on a global scale.  


Our vision is to bring dreamschool directly to you, using our knowledge to teach you how to position yourself for success in an increasingly byzantine and unpredictable process. We are here for you, and we want more than anything for you to succeed.

Please join us.

Matthew Pohl

Founder, dreamschool

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