An application that champions equity and access.

An application that can cut recruitment costs in half.

An application that offers innovative, free advising to schools.

We are two former Ivy League admissions officers, a global curriculum designer, an English teacher and a mother of three teenagers.  Together, we have designed a prototype to bring to thousands of colleges and universities, millions of schools and homes, with one main objective: to simplify the admissions process.  We will do so by:

Our prototype is now available for testing.  Please access the dreamschool application prototype and investor deck through the secure site below.  Interested parties may request access.

Relying on existing and self-reported data from students and schools to recruit and admit, not data from testing agencies.

Utilizing publicly available data to help thousands of colleges and universities determine financial need of each student.

Determining admissibility by algorithm and human intervention, empowering colleges and universities to choose personal engagement options with students on the platform.

Cutting recruitment costs even further by favoring direct recruitment through provisional admission offers instead of expensive and ineffective online college fairs, expensive consultancies and name purchasing through testing agencies.

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